The Wesleyan Church is an Evangelical Protestant denomination with approximately 475,000 people in 5,000 churches and missions, in 90 countries of the world.

Founded in 1968 as the result of a merger between the Wesleyan Methodist Church and the Pilgrim Holiness Church, its roots are in the abolitionist and holiness revival movements of the nineteenth century. Its twenty-first century emphasis is on exalting Christ through worldwide missions, compassion ministries, and concern for social justice that reaches out to all people.

Wesleyan Values

The spirit and content of Wesleyan values are an expression of historic Christian faith, rooted in the Bible, proclaimed by the church and lived out in the world. The following values are emphasized in the Wesleyan tradition.

  1. Faith First - Right relationship with God is more important than having "it all figured out." While reason, education and scholarship are important, they follow and serve one's relationship with Christ.
  2. Personal Transformation - Christian conversion and becoming more like Christ is central to a Wesleyan way of thinking, learning and living. We are optimistic about the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives.
  3. Global Transformation - Wesleyans believe God's will can be done on earth and that we can change the world to be more like the Kingdom of God.
  4. Others above Self - Wesleyans value the community beyond the individual. While individual pursuits and personal faith are vital, they find their fullest expression through life in Christian community.
  5. Generous Spirit - Wesleyans are welcoming to those who disagree. Loving hospitality should be expressed to all.


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