Wesley Seminary and Oklahoma Wesleyan University sign Agreement


Wesley Seminary and Oklahoma Wesleyan University sign Articulation Agreement


Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University and Oklahoma Wesleyan University have signed an articulation agreement to help OKWU students complete their graduate theological degree at Wesley Seminary.

Dr. Colleen Derr, President of Wesley Seminary, said, “It is such a joy to have this formal partnership with Oklahoma Wesleyan University! What it means to us is the recognition of the incredible work that OKWU has already done in investing in the lives of Christian leaders, marketplace ministers and vocational pastors. They have spent their years in undergraduate preparation and they have been formed academically and spiritually. We want to come alongside and build on that for the sake of the students so that we can shorten their time in seminary and lessen their financial investment. As the seminary for The Wesleyan Church, we want to create a smooth pathway for Oklahoma Wesleyan students and we want them to know that they belong here too!”

Dr. Jim Dunn, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan, added, “Oklahoma Wesleyan comes with our heart out in an agreement like this. When you think about opportunities, you think about developing leaders, you think about the mission critical element of preparing Christian workers and pastors and people around the world who are engaged for the cause of Christ. To offer the possibility for the saints of God to be equipped to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is why we exist. So, developing in a Wesleyan holistic way the head, the heart, the hands and the habits is what we are about here at Oklahoma Wesleyan. We are delighted to be able to link arms with Wesley Seminary and be a part of advancing the Kingdom. We want our students to be “one sent” into this culture to make a difference for Christ and to let their light shine.”

“It has been a wonderful opportunity to work with Oklahoma Wesleyan University in terms of looking at the way in which we can provide pathways for students who are called to ministry to have a smooth transition from their undergraduate program to their graduate program here at Wesley Seminary. It took us about twelve months to finalize the partnership and it was a great way for me to learn more about Oklahoma Wesleyan University,” said Dr. Abson Joseph, VP of Academic Affairs.

Dunn added, “We are pleased to be able to formalize this agreement and are excited about the opportunity for our students to be further equipped to advance The Kingdom.”

Derr concluded, “We are thrilled to be able to welcome Oklahoma Wesleyan Students and we throw out the red carpet to make their transition from OKWU to Wesley Seminary as smooth as possible!”


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